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Conceptualization, Ideation, Research & Execution

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I like to think of courage as the ability to keep your composure when in a scenario that calls for rage. Where rage is anger dialled up to eleven, courage is the strength to work through that rage and face hardship and difficulty with ones head held high. This particular piece is meant to visualize the relation between the two words while drawing a dividing line between them. This project was a collaboration with David Ngo.


CouRage focuses on words and their relation to one another, as well as a focus on how said words can be visualized to convey meaning without additional graphical elements. The words David and I have chosen to focus on are Rage and Courage in relation to the topic of indigenous rights. The process of conceptualizing and ideating upon not only our topic, but the use of our chosen words is focused entirely on visualizing and presenting the definition and ideas associated with those two words as coherently as possible.


This project was a collaborative effort, so my role was also David's role, but my role as part of this project was to help conceptualize the theme and topic of our motion piece.

We were tasked with choosing a word, or set of words that are dichotomous to one another, and create a motion graphic piece that visually shows that dichotomy.

Concepts and storyboards

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The above images were the preliminary sketches and ideas that I was able to generate. You can see the concept shifted from using the words evil, cruel, and toxic to eventually landing on the concept of strength and courage. After I passed these along to David, you'll see what eventually became the basis for the final project.

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At this point, we began working in After Effects. David and I spoke a lot about how to properly proceed with the digital deliverables, and decided to create a few digital concepts based on all of our previous sketches in order to see what worked and what didn't.

For each test render, we tried something different. Both of the tests for the rage and courage combo feature similar effects and equally gritty and visceral type, which is very prominent in the final deliverable submission.

The first one, Courage and Strength, focuses a little bit more on the idea of finding 'strength in numbers', and finding 'strength in courage'. After producing each test, it was very apparent that 'rage and courage' not only has a stronger, more obvious connection, but also that it can apply when discussing a number of topics, and has more potential to visualize both meanings. The initial concept focused heavily on the word 'rage' and the volatility behind it when compared and contrasted with the word courage.

For our final composition, we landed on an iteration that somewhat conveyed rage well, however, we feel we missed the mark on the intrinsic connection between courage and rage. While we tried to symbolize courage as put together and strong utilizing a serif typeface, the overall motion and appearance did not feel integrated enough. We could push the project further. We determined that removing the visible word 'Rage' while the rugged, 'rough-around-the-edges' visuals wild out would be more successful. Additionally, removal of the typewriter effect and the flashing cursor was recommended as they served little to no purpose in the final product. Furthermore, the overall message we were trying to communicate fell short of what we wanted.


For the Final version (including colour-as seen above) David and I chose to use red to represent rage, but if you notice, there's a slight deep purple tinge present around the 'COURAGE' at the beginning of the loop, and only around the 'COU' at the end of the loop. The deep purple was chosen because it contrasts nicely with the red, but not too drastically that it looks like the contrast is "cool vs. hot", but is still a calming enough colour to help visualize the contrast between rage and courage without detracting from the message, or potentially adding a new, unrelated meaning to the final message.

© Luca Crognale-Manzoli